Wool In Wood – Warmer Safer Quieter

Naturally insulated sliding wooden doors custom made for your home or office.

Our naturally insulated wooden doors are patented and completely new to the market in Ireland.

What is it?  A sliding door which completely covers the door recess, made from 30 mm of natural wool insulation sandwiched between two layers of 12mm wood, giving strength, warmth, noise reduction and beauty.


Why wool Insulation?

It’s natural, improves air quality, suppresses noise, is a natural fire retardant and keeps the sheep warm on freezing cold wet nights out on the hills.

insulated sliding wooden doors
naturally insulated sliding wooden doors

Our Aim

We are the only people making these products in Ireland. Our aim is to make unique products which bring a combination of beauty and practicality to your home. Our insulated doors and shutters will reduce heat loss, reduce noise and increase security. For example, patio doors in winter can be cold and lack security, our sliding insulated shutters completely close off the opening and by doing so reduce heat loss and make your home more secure against intruders.